Unitronics Weighs In

Unitronics Weighs In

Unitronics Weighing SolutionPak Automation Ltd have recently completed a system in conjunction with ACI Ltd the All-Ireland Distributor for the Unitronics Range of PLC’s and HMI’s.

The system needed to be able to process signals from 4 loadcells mounted under a U Trough Mixer which when calibrated would enable weighing of the complete Mixer so the customer could carry our recipe formulation within the mixer.

The Unitronics PLC with its combined HMI provided Loadcell excitation, digital signal filtering and calibration in one package and with the added advantage of the 5.7” colour Touchscreen which gave the operator a colour Bargraph display of the mixer status.

Four Stainless Steel Encapsulated Loadcells were used with a 500Kg capacity/loadcell. The Analog outputs on the PLC were used to control the Inverter speeds of the Mixer and the Outfeed conveyor.

The system was delivered to the customer with a copy of the programming software which comes with every PLC/HMI which means changes in the future can be carried out easily and via a web browser from a remote location.