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For almost 30 years PAK Automation has provided automated packaging solutions to a wide range of international customers.

From the first nut and bolt for the support framework to the software needed to control the complete system, Pak Automation’s in-house capabilities enable us to complete any project from start to finish.

Combining computer aided design with practical engineering experience. PAK Automation’s in-depth knowledge of industry and it’s requirements enable us to take the clients specific needs and build a complete system tailor-made for those needs, from plant layout to plc, control systems.

.  . Michael McHugh MD, PAK Automation Group

“The ever changing world that we live in and the pace at which this world operates at puts demands on every business from cost pressures to enhanced production and increased efficiencies. The solutions offered by the PAK Automation Group of Companies yield a defined Return On Investment and the Sales Team are constantly working with clients to ensure that they remain competitive and lean in these challenging times. Whether you are looking for a stand alone ma-chine or a fully automated and integrated system you should consider discussing your application with the experts in Pak Automation Ltd. the people with the experience.”
Michael McHugh has worked at PAK Automation since 1984 having previously studied Electronic Engineering and Microprocessor Control Systems. Working in and developing the family business was always his intention and this has led to the company and its associated companies Manufacturing and Supplying Automation Technology to an impressive list of clients in a broad range of industries.

Since taking over the role as Managing Director in 1994 and then CEO in 2002 the PAK Automation Group Of Companies has established itself as a leader in its field, the company has invested in 3D design and CAD/CAM for its machining using the large bed CNC’s, this has opened up new possibilities for de-developing machine tooling for Robots and enables the Robotics division (Automation & Robotics Irl) to get involved in more complex pick and place and assembly applications as well as the standard Top Load Systems and Palletising Systems that PAK Automation offer. Responding to customer requirements by offering automated engineered solutions is what has built the company with a reputation for well built simple and effective systems that are technically advanced Pak Automation will continue to grow its business in the key area’s of Packaging Systems and also Manufacturing Solutions. Keeping abreast of advances in Technology is ongoing and Pak Automation Ltd are always striving to bring the benefits of these technologies to their clients so they can add value and/or reduce costs.

PAK Automation Ltd is a family owned business established in 1983. Originating from a strong competent engineering background with an emphasis on electronic control systems, the basis of every modern, automated packaging system.

The company has kept abreast of developments in the electronics industry and now utilises state of the art control techniques available from programmable controllers.

Industry Experience Food, Pharma, Healthcare, Medical,  Aggregates, Chemicals
Special points of interest:

• Pak Automation Ltd founded in 1983.
• Customers in every County in Ireland
• Equipment Installed in 11 countries worldwide.
• Large & Diverse Customer Base.
• Award Winning Company.
• Associated Group Companies.

PAK Automation Clients

Auger Filling Systems, Bag Sealers, Cartoning Machines, Conveyor Systems
Flow Wrapping Machines, Hot Foil, Off-Line and Thermal Printers, Linear and Multi-Head Weighers
Metal Detectors, Pick and Place Machines, Pre-Owned Range of Equipment
Robotic Systems, Turnkey Solutions, Vertical Form/Fill/Seal Machines