Semi-automatic Filling Machines

Automatic filling machines

Semi-automatic filling machines work using a volumetric piston system for  filling applications for liquids and other viscous materials. They are ideal for a range of uses in the Foods, Cosmetics and Chemical Industries. Below are just a few of the many products they can be used for:

Food Industry
Salad dressings, salsas, heavy sauces, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, tomato paste, potato salad, American salad, cream, marmalade, honey, confectionery spreads, chocolate spread, syrups, sauces with particulates, dough (for bakery) etc.

Cosmetic Industry
Heavy shampoos, face masks, peeling creams, gels, conditioners, cream care products, nail varnishes, mascara, Vaseline etc.

Chemical Industry
Cream & gel detergents, varnishes, paints (synthetic, cellulose, water-based), paste cleaners and waxes, adhesives, heavy oils and lubricants etc.

Pak Automation’s semi-automatic filling machines work using a volumetric piston system for filling applications involving liquids and other viscous materials.

The filling material is vacuumed from the hopper or production tank. As the system is pneumatically powered (the machines require is 6 Bar of pressure) it very safe and handles fill products gently and efficiently.

The machines are all built to the highest standard using  316 and 304 quality stainless steel. Built in accordance with FSAI regulations and other regulatory compliance standards means our filling machines are especially suitable for use in the food industry.


Easy automatic or manual adjustment of  the capacity of auger, and the vacuum and fill speeds of the machine based on your requirements.
The machines are very versatile and come in tabletop and mobile models.
Our Filling Machines offer simple maintenance and are easy to clean.
You do not need any qualified and skilled personnel. Volume of the machine can be adjusted automatically or manually via a foot pedal. you place your product to the hopper and watch up the filling.