Linear and Multihead Weighers

Linear Weighers

The Automatic Linear Weighing Machine is ideal for larger piece products such as frozen French fries, dried fruit, etc. It is a three tray machine with non stick contact parts. It can weigh up to 25 Kg with an output of up to 30/min (Twinset). It can have inclined or horizontal feed trays, an adjustable fine feed catch box and totally encapsulated 2 speed high power electro magnetic vibrators. It comes with an option of 2 micro processor controls, the Optiway or Digiway. The linear weighing machine can be adapted to meet individual customer needs.

With the use of large screen fully programmable advanced electronics, modern build methods and multihead style weighheads, the machines are at the forefront of Linear weighing technology.

Quickly removable contact parts, IP65 protected loadcell & controls, Average/minimum weight system, Automatic in flight adjustments, Encapsulated electro magnetic vibrators, 100 product code memory, Diagnostic information, Multi discharge, Self Monitoring, Integral or overhead loadcell, Auto Tare

Multihead Weighers

Developed over many years of involvement in supplying Weighing machines to a wide selection of food manufacturers, The range of Ward Bekker Multiheads are suitable for a variety of applications. All machines include as standard, I.P.65 protection to mechanics and electronics, quickly removable contact parts, automatic trending of vibration levels, plus many more features which have enabled the machines to be used to handle products as diverse as Coal, Spinach, Sausages, Prawns, Pet Food etc.

SENSOMATIC infeed control system, IP65 protection as standard, Count & Weigh modes, 100 product code memory, Stainless steel construction, Integral pressurisation & control, High feed rate vibrators, Multi-screen access, Self diagnostic, Single point bagger control, Defrost prevention
Model Speed (p/m) Weight (gr) Weight Pan (l) Discharge (l) Dimensions (mm)
MM and MV 60 – 120 2 – 5000 1 – 3 4 – 12 Variable
MTC Compac, MMT 50 – 70 2 -1000 1 4 Variable
MT Typhoon 50 – 70 2 – 1000 4.5 18 Variable
MH Heavy Duty 50 – 110 500 – 25000 10 40 Variable
ML In-Line 30 – 36 100 – 5000 3.5 14 Variable

Note: Speeds, weights and volumes are a guide, actual values are dependant on product type.