SB10 Band Sealer

Supersealer SB10 Rotary Band SealerThe Supersealer SB10 Rotary Band Sealer seals a wide range of bag materials at high speed and efficiency.

The heavy duty SB10 painted construction in combination with proven band sealing technology and operator friendly controls ensures continuous duty performance in demanding applications.

The Supersealer also has variable speed. The band sealer can be equipped with Crank Stands, Bag coders and printers, Bag support conveyors, Bag top trimmers/trim removers and Scales and Auger fillers.

Technical Specifications:

Bag size range: All bag sizes
Bag range material:
Sealable up to 40 mill.
Up to 120 fpm (36.5 meters/min.)
Seal wheels:
1/2”, 1/4” plain or textured.
Machine handling:
Either right to left
or left to right.
115 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 15 Amp
or based on your requirements.
Unrequired for the standard
configuration of the machine.

Features & Benefits:

Hot air technology: Optimum seal quality
and very  low maintenance required.
Variable speed: Ease of matching conveyor
speeds and flexibility.
Fuzzy logic temperature controls:
Accurate and consistent sealing temperature.
Mobile base, adjustable height, flexibility
for a variety applications.


  • Bag coders and printers: Bag top trimmers and removers.

  • Bag top de-duster: Dusty environment package.

  • Bag loaders and fillers: Validatable Medical Sealer.