Multilane Printing onto Tyvek

Multilane Printing onto Tyvek

Pak Automation Ltd. have recently completed the successful installation of two off Open Date Thermal Transfer Overprinters for overprinting directly onto Tyvek on two Thermoforming machines in a medical device company.

One application is a three lane machine and the other was a two lane machine.

The printers were mounted upside down inside the existing web path and mounted onto a pneumatic actuator. A PLC was used to control the actuator and issue the print signals to the printer.

The alarm outputs from the printer were connected directly to the PLC and the handshaking between the system and the Thermoformer is also handled by the PLC. The print formats are created on a local PC running Codesoft label design software. The Thermal printers were chosen for their high resolution print (300 DPI) and were replacing existing ink jet printers.

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