Flow Wrapping Machines

Orion Flowrapping Machine

The ORION 600 flowrapper machine has been designed and constructed to provide a number of benefits. This includes an operator friendly design, and versatile and reliable operation. The machine comes equipped for wrapping a wide range of food and non food products. The units enable increased efficiency and quality.

ORION 600 flowrapper machine

orion flow wrapper


  • ORION 600/S: Equipped with three sets of fin wheels.
  • ORION 600/ST: Equipped with box motion sealing sealing jaw for wrapping products in modified atmosphere. (see drawing)
  • ORION 600/SBB: Inverted film reel holder for wrapping difficult products such as cutlery and hardware articles. (see drawing)
  • ORION 600/STBB: Equipped with box motion sealing jaw and inverted film reel holder.