SB 40 Band Sealer

Supersealer SB30 High Capacity Band SealerThe Supersealer SB40 Rotary Band Sealer continuously seals a wide range of bag materials at a high speed.

This machine has a lift hood for easy access to the interior of the sealer. With it’s 4 heaters the speed of the machine will do up to 120 fpm.

These and many more features describes the new innovative Supersealer SB40 designed to create the “Perfect Seal” for applications like meat and poultry.

Technical Specifications:

Bag size range: All bag sizes
Bag range material: Sealable up to 40 mill.
Speed: Up to 120 fpm (18 meters/min.)
belt speed.
Seal wheels: 1/2”, 3/4” wide.
Machine handling: Either right to left
or left to right.
Power: 110 VAC, 1 Ph, 60 Hz, 10 Amp.
Pneumatic: Unrequired for the standard
configuration of the machine.

Features & Benefits:

Stainless Steel finish: Clean and durable,
preferred in food and other industries.
Heavy duty band sealing technology:
Unique visually automatic band tensioning system.
Variable speed:Output can be increased or
decreased with a turn of a screw.
Easy lift front cover: Quick access
to all components.
Mobile base, adjustable height pedestal:
Simple set up and adjustment.